Our Model

The key components of the Literacy Collaborative model include: on-site professional development, leading to the creation of a school leadership team; and a research-based, instructional model that aligns with the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts, and meets the requirements of Response to Intervention (RTI).

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Common Core State Standards

There is a strong relationship between the new Common Core State Standards for Language and Literacy and Fountas and Pinnell's The Continuum of Literacy Learning.

The goal of both documents is to ensure that all students become literate and college- and career-ready. The curriculum goals specifically detailed in the Continuum reach for this high level of proficiency by the end of eighth grade.

The Continuum of Literacy Learning (Fountas & Pinnell, 2009) is a foundational resource for literacy coaches and teachers in Literacy Collaborative schools. This text details specific behaviors and understandings expected in the areas of reading, writing, language, and word study in grades PreK-8 that are outlined in the Common Core State Standards.

Language and Literacy Framework

Literacy Collaborative is a researched-based instructional model for literacy teaching and learning. Our language and literacy framework for literature and content areas (K-8) is student centered and provides many opportunities for authentic reading and writing, as well as focused work on the essential elements of phonics, word study, and oral language development. It consists of language and word study , reading workshop (including guided reading), and writing workshop. This flexible, conceptual tool for organizing instruction allows for:

  • variation in content;
  • differentiation through whole group, small group and individual instruction informed by systematic documentation of student progress; and
  • a balance of teacher-directed instruction with inquiry learning.

Language and Literacy Framework

Standards for Schools, Districts, and Training Sites

Schools that partner with Literacy Collaborative and implement the model according to our standards are registered as Literacy Collaborative schools and affiliated with an approved Literacy Collaborative university training site. Adherence to standards is key to implementing a high quality program that yields improved student literacy achievement.

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